Best Italian Restaurants in Surry Hills

A night out with friends or a special occasion calls for an Italian restaurant in Surry Hills like none other. Whether it’s for a romantic evening for two or a family reunion, they’re a great pick for any occasion. Below are some of the best Italian restaurants in Surry Hills.

List of Top Italian Restaurants in Surry Hills

Surry Hills has a large number of Italian restaurants, and the quality varies, but most of them are excellent. When dining in an Italian restaurant, look for one with a homey feel and a menu packed with locally sourced dishes. Most of the time, the pasta and sauce are made fresh. The bread is frequently made on site, and it’s quite tasty.

Mille Vini Surry Hills Banner

1. Mille Vini Pasta & Wine Bar

Mille Vini, Surry Hills’ most renowned Italian wine, cocktail, and dining restaurant, has reopened on Crown Street, Surry Hills, following an extensive interior makeover and a new menu and drinks offering.

Mille Vini’s new menu has a heavy emphasis on classic Italian foods, including homemade pasta, from all parts of the country. Poached octopus salad, battered zucchini flower, truffle pecorino with blossom honey, and a range of freshly prepared stracciatella crostini are just a few of our distinctive dishes.

Via Napoli Pizzeria Surry Hills

2. Via Napoli

The aroma of mozzarella campana, fresh basil, woodfired dough, and San Marzano tomatoes greets you as you enter. As the chefs prepare the pizzas, our restaurants are filled with the authentic aromas of Italian cuisine.

Mark And Vinnys Logo Banner

3. Mark And Vinny's

Spritz and spaghetti in a trendy Italian restaurant! Modern Italian cuisine, includes a wide variety of vegan and vegetarian options, along with traditional Italian dishes. Jazz is paired with cocktails like spritz and martinis.

Al Taglio Surry Hills

4. Al Taglio

Surry Hills is home to Al Taglio, a stunning Italian restaurant. In a vibrant, modern setting, it delivers delicious and authentic regional Italian pizzas, as well as focaccia prepared from age-old traditions.

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