Restaurants in Geelong

Restaurants abound in Geelong, and there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Restaurants in Geelong cater to all tastes, whether you’re searching for a casual dinner or an extravagant night out. Restaurants catering to those who follow a plant-based diet have a variety of vegan menus to choose from. If you prefer Italian, Chinese, Japanese, or Indian cuisine, Geelong offers it all!

List of Best Restaurants in Geelong

 In Geelong, the city’s best restaurants provide stunning cityscape views that are perfect for relaxing after a hard day or for celebrating a special event. Geelong is home to a wide variety of excellent restaurants, so you’re sure to find something to suit your tastes and budget.

La Cachette Bistrot Banner

1. La Cachette Bistrot - Geelong

Nestled in the heart of Geelong’s waterfront, Victoria, La Cachette stands as a culinary gem, enchanting patrons with its exquisite offerings of modern French and European cuisine. The ambiance is a harmonious blend of elegance and intimacy, inviting guests to savor every moment. With its warm hospitality and culinary mastery, La Cachette has established itself as a beloved destination for those seeking an unforgettable dining experience in Geelong.
The Arborist Geelong Restaurant

2. The Arborist Geelong

This popular restaurant’s decor was carefully planned down to the smallest detail. Venue’s colour scheme of earthy tones like greens and blacks contrasts beautifully with the European Ash Tree that serves as its centrepiece. There is a custom-made olive bench on the wall, as well as an ice green marble bar, which covers the entire wall.

Osteria Fiorenza Italian Cuisine Geelong

3. Osteria Fiorenza

Located in the heart of Geelong, Osteria Fiorenza is a cosy restaurant that serves genuine Italian cuisine using only the finest local and imported ingredients.
With candlelit table settings and a cosy ambience, this restaurant bring the passion of Italian cuisine to the authentic and small dining area.
This restaurant offers the best imported wines from all around Italy and have chosen the best types to match the dishes on our menu.

Caruggi Italian Cuisine Restaurant Geelong

4. Caruggi

Traditional are the focus of this restaurant’s cuisine, and they are prepared with care and attention to detail. Working with both domestic and international vendors to bring you the best of both worlds. Specials are constantly changing, so there is always something new to try.
An emphasis is placed on grape varieties native to Italy and Italian varieties produced in Australia in the wine list. Some of the most well-known growers and producers are included, as well as a few newcomers. All Italian restaurants have a selection of regional Amaros and high-quality grappas.

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