Function Venue Hire

Venue Booking has a list of various type of function and event venues to hire for special occasions like weddings, private parties, corporate meetings and more. Use our search function below to find and hire your preferred type of venue for your special event.

About Function Venue Hire

A good organizer always has a list of function halls for holding any kind of events – for 5, 10, 100, 1000 or more people.

Below listed venues are used for events :

– Specialized conference rooms

Hotel conference rooms

– Business centers

– Cinema and Theater

Gardens and rooftops

– Art galleries

– Houses of culture

– Conservatory

Waterfront Venues

The choice of location is determined by the specificity and theme of the event, budget, scale.

It should not be just a conference room located anywhere, but a room in the center of the city, specially in the city like Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. If we are talking about Sydney – the room in around Sydney CBD, Town Hall or Circular Quay area. It is desirable that the building in which you organize the event, located as close as possible to the metro or train station: 5, 10, maximum 15 minutes walk.

It is necessary to select the hall in advance. The situation when you are dialing a phone number for the fifth time is unacceptable, you are told that you are busy today, and there are no more options on your list. As a result, you order an expensive, inconvenient, uncomfortable room simply because other events or functions are booked for this time.

Such seemingly inconsequential, little things can greatly harm your reputation and spoil the mood of visitors to the event. Remember also that people can simply demand money back and leave the premises.

In the hall set aside for the event, it should be nice and clean: a neat entrance, a comfortable staircase or a functioning elevator, comfortable seats, air conditioning (the room should be cool, no more than +20 ° C) and always good lighting. It is necessary that the person on the stage be clearly visible from anywhere in the hall. In addition, the presence of a retail zone is highly desirable. Signs must be placed so that visitors can immediately see where to go.

Novice organizers are often not ready for critical situations. When you book a room, it is not enough to simply inspect it, you should also get acquainted with all the staff: administrator, electrician, security, sound engineer, etc. You must have contact details of all these people.

Imagine if during the wedding event the light suddenly goes out or the sound disappears. Such small technical problems can turn into a failure of the whole event.

At any event must have a so-called retail zone. Most often, such a zone is drawn up on a separate table in a specially designated place. Here you place free printing materials: booklets, leaflets, announcements, as well as boxed versions of your products, books. Here is the sales consultant. Retail zones are organized with the purpose of image formation and increasing loyalty of the target audience.

The main criteria for choosing a hall:

– Proximity to the metro

– Location – city center or proximity to the center

– Sufficient sound insulation

– Air conditioning, pleasant coolness

– Wardrobe (actual in the autumn-winter period)

– Availability of several toilets

– Enough seats in the hall

– Good lighting

– Availability of tables for registration

Technical equipment of the hall and preparation for the event

In the hall that you rented for the event, there should be excellent acoustics and a good audio system. Before the event starts, it is advisable to put up a quiet, dynamic melody so that those present “recharge”.

Be sure to have a media projector for scrolling presentations and advertising, as well as a convenient microphone. An important point: holding a microphone with a heavy wire of 2-3 hours in your hand is quite tiring, so it is advisable to have a studio wireless microphone-clothespin.

The hall should be ready the night before the start of the event. It is necessary to provide enough tables for registration, at the rate of one table for 50 people.

For large events (from 100 people) the hall should be divided into zones (VIP, business, standard). In the VIP area must be appropriate plates.

It is desirable to have a separate zone for coffee breaks. Prepare the treats in advance – coffee, chocolate, cookies.

In no case do not forget about the handout: a notebook and pen, information with the announcement of future events, special offers for products, a bundle gift (this can be a speaker’s book) or an incoherent gift (for example, a movie ticket).

The organizer should arrive 2-3 hours before the event, check the work of the microphone, projector, laptop (presentation), online broadcast, and specify the schedule of the event again.

At the entrance to the hall there should be a person meeting (this can be the organizer himself), who welcomes the guests and distributes small gifts.

Video operator and photographer at the event

To create high-quality promotional materials for future projects, you will need a video operator and a professional photographer. Their main tasks: show the audience, the number of people, reflect the level of organization of the event, capture the best moments of performances.

For the manufacture of advertising, it is desirable to photograph the hall in such a way that the photo creates the appearance of a full hall (especially if there are few people). The coach must be photographed on stage and with the audience. From the footage you can make a promo clip for 2-3 minutes.

VIP area in function hall

No matter how modest your event is, the minimum number of those present should be 20 people.

In any hall, it is necessary to provide VIP seats. With large-scale events (from 100 people), the hall is divided into a VIP zone, a business zone and a standard zone. The VIP area is enclosed with ribbons, the corresponding (nominal) plates are fixed on the chairs in the VIP area.

For VIP visitors, a separate registration table should be provided, and it is very desirable to have a separate entrance to the hall.

Everything in this zone emphasizes the exclusivity of those who pay for it. VIPs are issued badges.

In addition to comfort, VIP clients should receive more information than other participants. This can be organized during the master class at the break. In this case, it is announced that the hall is closed for 10–15 minutes to hold a special master class for VIPs. Another option is to ask VIP customers to come 10–15 minutes earlier in order to receive valuable information specially designed for them.

It is noticed that at the end of the event VIP-persons buy more than all the others.

On the website and in other advertising sources, be sure to post information about the privileges enjoyed by customers who ordered VIP participation.