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  • 5 March 2024 12:05 pm local time


Thuy Bui, a native of the hospitality industry, founded Fla Vie Bistro. She's had years of experience in the industry and has always wanted to leave her imprint.

That is exactly what this new and fascinating eatery intends to do. The venue is sleek, modern, and hospitable, and it is brand new and established in Ed.Square.

The fusion menu, created by Head Chef Sonny of Phomo fame, will keep you coming back. Fusion food is frequently misunderstood to mean combining flavours from two or more cuisines. Fusion implies integrating old flavours into a modern setting for Fla Vie. While maintaining traditional Vietnamese flavours, the food, presentation, and accents are modern. As a result, the name "Fla Vie" was born.


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