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  • 17 July 2024 6:25 am local time


It was the food child of dear friends Ash and Lucky, and was originally named Masala Bowl. Masala Bowl offered a modern Indian menu with a classic flavour and authenticity. Consider enticing scents, high-quality, fresh ingredients that are perfectly combined, balanced, and prepared.

The little lunch counter immediately became a smash hit. So much so that it was bursting at the seams and ready to expand within six months. There was a need for new space, and the larger shop next door was available. It was a perfectly timed move!

That, however, was far from the conclusion of the narrative. Masala Bowl's popularity skyrocketed in the first year after it opened. The little lunch business grew into a full-service restaurant, and it relocated to larger and better premises on Sydney's popular street.

The expanding eatery, now known as Masala Kitchen, served lunch and dinner seven days a week.


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